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Remote Start Q & A
Jan 28, 2018

Many of our customers have asked about Remote Start - - - how does it work; what will it do or not do - - -

1.  Today's aftermarket Remote Start systems are designed and engineered to give you many years of reliable service if installed correctly by a professional.  Beware of systems that claim "easy do-it-yourself installation" or those that come with "installation video tape".  Today's vehicles are highly sophisticated, computerized machines that require quality components installed by experienced technicians. 


BUYER BEWARE:  some of our competitors advertise their remote start systems at a very low, "installed" price.  These advertised prices rarely include the required interface module or any other parts and materials that are absolutely necessary to do the job correctly and safely.  After they get you in the store, the price suddenly increases by as much as $200 after they do the "add-ons".  We don't play that game with our customers.  Our prices include all necessary parts, materials and labor.  No surprises!  Be sure and ask them about the range of their remotes (some are as little as 500 feet), features, warranty (ours is limited lifetime on the main unit), etc.  And do you really want to trust the second most expensive thing you will ever own besides your house to anyone other than a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience?  


2.  Quality Remote Start systems can be wired to start conventional gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles, and push-to-start vehicles.

3.  Our Remote Start systems can be set to keep your engine running for various amounts of time before automatically shutting off.  If you remotely start your vehicle and perhaps get sidetracked by a phone call or some other distraction, your engine will only run for the specified time that has been set then shut off.

4.  Our Remote Start systems are very "smart".  However, they cannot reach up to your dashboard and turn on your heat or air conditioning, set your temperature control, or adjust your fan speed.  You must do this before exiting your vehicle.

5.  How do you know the vehicle is started?  Many of our systems come with digital readouts on the remote that tell you the status of the system.  We also usually wire a "visual" such as flashing parking lights, etc.

6.  Can I shut off the vehicle after it has started?  Yes.  You can shut off the engine with the remote just as quickly as you started it.

7.  Why do I need to purchase an Interface?  The interfaces are electronic devices that interconnect with the factory ignition systems to "trick" the ignition into thinking the key is in the ignition.  Most of today's vehicles have "coded" keys that the ignition system "reads" when the key is inserted.  This code prevents just any key from starting your vehicle.  Our interfaces are able to read these codes and allow the vehicle to start without the key being in the ignition.  Beware of advertisements for remote starts at "$99 Installed", etc.  After they add in the required interface and other necessary parts the price suddenly jumps to $300 or $400.

8.  Did you know we have Remote Start systems that can be operated from your smart phone?  By downloading an app you can start your vehicle from practically anywhere in the world.  Come in or call us for more information on this incredible technology.


If you have any further questions about Remote Start Systems, please give us a call at (828) 650-9972.  We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you about which system is right for you.  Don't be fooled by a "too good to be true" Remote Start System.  Call us before you buy and we will be happy to explain why our systems are superior and our installation expertise is second to none.

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