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Hands-Free Calling Coming
Mar 05, 2019

Did you know that the North Carolina legislature currently has a bill on the floor that will outlaw cell phone use in the vehicle unless it is "hands-free"?

This means you can no longer hold a cell phone and drive.  You can only make and receive calls using "hands-free" technology.

So - - if you are one of the thousands of drivers out there who still hold their phone in one hand and drive with the other, BEWARE!

The fines are fairly stiff for this violation and totaly unnecessary.

Give us a call today at (828) 650-9972 and ask about "Hands-Free" cell phone technology for your vehicle(s).

We have several options that are not overly costly that will keep you LEGAL and SAFE!

Chris, Thanks for your excellent customer service in helping me out with my Kenwood deck. The replacement you gave me is awesome. You guys have been great to deal with from day one and I have been extremely happy that I purchased my equipment from Garner Stereo. Your company is top notch!

Posted By: Jim Foy

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