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Stay Warm With A Remote Start System
Dec 05, 2017


A new Remote Start System from Garner's Stereo Center will keep you or your loved ones warm and toasty on those cold winter days as well as cool as a cucumber on those hot, sweltering summer days.


So give us a call today and talk with Chris or King about installing a Remote Start System.  Due to the complexity of today's vehicles our Remote Start Systems are available for select makes and models of cars, trucks and suv's.  We will be happy to talk with you about your particular vehicle and the availability of a Remote Start System for that particular model.


Please go to our "Tech Blog" section for answers to all of your questions about Remote Start Systems, or give us a call at (828) 650-9972.

I came to Garner's Stereo to tint my Scion after another tinting place did a horrible job with bubbles and scratches, and even damaged my car. I spoke with Lovell and he offered to remove the the old tint and reapply new tint, and worked with me throughout the entire process to do an immaculate job on my vehicle. I am OCD about my car looking perfect and they did an absolutely perfect job at a reasonable price, without bubbles or scratches. They are a professional business that set a new standard for service and quality, they really care about the customer and the whole experience was great. This is the best place in my opinion to get a car tinted in Asheville, hands down. If you care about your vehicle this is the place to go!

Posted By: Andrew Barbour

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